The VROOM is also a destination: your kid’s new favorite place to spend time, a Willy-Wonka-caliber digital wonderland of apps and experiences. Any mobile device will get you there: phone or tablet. Once inside The VROOM, kids are entertained in the kid-friendliest of ways—while subtly being guided up the social-emotional ladder of life. In short: visiting The VROOM gives kids a leg up in personal development when all they think they’re doing is playing games.  Check out The VROOM’S offerings below …

The VROOM –VROOM is the sound your kid’s imagination makes when playing in our online universe.

The Channels

The Adventures of Taxi Dog

Taxi Driver Jim and his rescue dog, Maxi, drive around The Big City meeting new fares and helping them along their ride. For ages 3-7.

Maxi and The Bark in the Dark

Maxi and Jim meet Tupa! Tupa is in a hurry to get to his night custodian job at the Museum, but they quickly discover that Tupa has a problem: he’s afraid of the dark! Maxi jumps to lend a paw and decides to sneak into the museum with Tupa to help him overcome his fear.

Maxi and The Three Berries

Jim and Maxi the Taxi Dog take Danny, a chef, on a very special delivery. Before they reach their destination, Danny eats some of his special creation and they have to turn around and go back to Danny’s shop. Jim suggests Maxi help Danny re- fill the order and show Danny what it means to resist temptation. Maxi and the Three Berries teaches that we have the power to control our own actions.

Maxi Meets The Jugglers

Jim and Maxi the Taxi Dog take Esmerelda, a street juggler, to her usual spot to perform. When they get there, another juggler is already performing and the two jugglers begin to argue over who is the better juggler! Maxi meets the Jugglers teaches that when we work and play together, we can learn from each other and achieve more.

Maxi Goes for the Gold

Jim and Maxi the Taxi Dog take Adam, a young boy who just moved to New York, to his first gym class. Adam is nervous about taking the class and worries that the coach may expect too much. Jim suggests Maxi go to the class with Adam as a friend and they both discover how much fun trying new things can be. Maxi Goes for the Gold teaches that confidence in yourself can lessen the fear of the unknown.

Maxi Goes for the Gold

Stan Lee’s Kid’s Universe

Creator of family-friendly books, games and characters on a variety of platforms for young children ages 1 to 10

Dex T-Rex

Dex T-Rex is a loveable little rascal who just wants to have fun. He kicks! He smashes! He shreds! But what happens when the little fella plays too rough? Follow the delightful rapscallion Dex T-Rex as he learns how to “play nice”.

Monsters vs. Kittens
(Coming Soon)

Dragons vs. Pandas
(Coming Soon)

Monkey King

Enter the World of The Monkey King where you’ll find games, stories and activities all inspired by the classic Chinese legend.  Here Sun Wukong, The Handsome Monkey King, and  the other  legendary characters from Journey to The West take you on mystical  adventures through the magic of Augmented Reality.


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The Experiences

The VBOOK– taking reading to the next level!

Our VBOOK takes reading to the next level: this is the IMAX of books, the top dog of literary experiences, the banana split of reading, with extra whipped cream. First of all, it’s reading in 3D (without the annoying glasses). Second of all, this is an audiovisual experience, so we’re talking sound effects and voices too. Third of all—okay, there’s no third of all, but you get the point. The VBOOK was built to engage beginning readers in ways that regular books can only dream of. When your kid is reading a VBOOK on her or his phone, she or he is going on a mental adventure, mingling at a fantastical party with kooky and colorful personalities of every type and stripe, exploring new landscapes and new dimensions, and learning how storybook characters turn enemies into friendlies. We’re in the business of teachable moments when kids don’t even know they’re being taught!

The VPOP– Bring your printed books to life!

Would your kids want to see the characters in the books they’re reading climb off the page in 3D? Is that even a real question? Of course they’d want to see it! It would be like those pop-up birthday cards, only so much better. So guess what? We’ve done it. The VROOM’S VPOP is augmented reality at its eye-boggling best.  We’re talking literary sorcery here. (It’s all possible because of our super-secret image-recognition software—but that’s for us to know and you not to worry about.)

Holotoons [COMING SOON]
Next level 3D one of a kind cartoons!

We’re like mad scientists here at Playing Forward, which is the company behind The VROOM. Only we’re not mad, we’re awesome—because we’ve invented the world’s first holographic cartoons! Actually, our animated creations prefer to be called “holotoons,” and what they’ll do for your kid is not just give her or him a flat storyline to follow like some old-school animated character stuck in two dimensions, but a holographically-presented, 3D-powered experience guaranteed to excite eyeballs and activate imaginations. Your kid’s favorite personalities from The VROOM will be visible as holograms through any phone, seen from any angle and enlarged to any size. Our holotoons can materialize tinily on your kitchen table or gigantically in a football stadium. Wherever your kid goes, the holotoons can follow. Whatever’s on your kid’s agenda for the day, the holotoons will give it an upgrade.

Crafty Planet [COMING SOON]
Craft, build and bring your toys to life!

Crafty Planet is one of our very best inventions. First you use your printer to print out the 2D “parts” that go into building an item from your kid’s favorite VROOM universe, like a sleek rocket ship, a scaly dragon, or a curly labradoodle. With scissors, crayons, and paste, your child then puts the item together using his or her finest arts and crafts skills, turning it into a 3D paper creation. Next your kid points his or her device (phone, tablet, etc.) at the finished rocket ship, dragon, or labradoodle—and looking through the phone’s screen, the rocket ship blasts off, the dragon breathes fire, and the labradoodle chases his tail. Your child gets to bring her/his sculpture to life! Not only is this a job fun, full of tactile experience and hands-on satisfaction during the building-it phase, but it’s a great chance for teamwork with other children, or quality time with you!


Each Channel will have various games attached to it to further explore the Magical world of our content partners.  The first game will be the Monkey King Augmented Reality game in which you engage in magical combat with characters from the Monkey King universe.